Kythira… Of Myths and History… Of glory and dreams… Of songs λούν They kiss the Aegean, the Ionian and the Cretan θ rhythms but also mansions… Where Aphrodite was born… Where the Earth punished Heaven… The island of Kouros of the Pirates… The waters of Kythera, with the shipwreck of Mentor and the mechanism of Antikythera… Where the golden yellow of Semper Viva meets the infinite blue… Un mondo fa un mondo, e il Cerigo un altro mondo…

In this land… which is bathed by three seas and Semper Viva promises eternal life, was born, lives and stands imposingly opposite Chytra the Venetian castle the Hotel El Sol… The saltiness of the sea, the smells of the island and our taste that continues the tradition of the Raikou family waiting for you in an earthly paradise…


a small paradise in the island of Kythera


Relaxation and harmony

All rooms have a bathroom with a shower, telephone, TV, A.C. and a mini-fridge.


Indulging And Complete Hospitality Experience

Daily cleaning

With the daily cleaning we provide, we also have daily change of the bathroom towels and supplement the amenities that are missing. In the showers there is a special machine with shampoo and shower gel with special specifications for the safety of your hair and skin. We also provide extra amenities according to your needs.

Swimming pool

In the swimming pool of our hotel, we offer you clean pool towels and we want inform you that the water of the pool is changed every season with fresh either from the public water supply of the island or from the sea, all safety measures and special medicines that are used in as well as the tests are in according the instructions of the Hellenic Health Service. There is also free internet access here.

Restaurant – Bar

Our Bar opens at 8:00 with coffee and juices and at 8:30 until 11:00 in the morning we serve our breakfast, where it has the Certification of the Greek Breakfast of the Greek Hotel Chamber. The restaurant’s menu is served from 13:00 until 22:00 in the evening and the Room Service starts from 13:00 until 22:00 in the evening.


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